Gift Of Time

White Rose Home Cleaning also sell gift vouchers for cleaning services. So if you’re looking for a unique gift idea then why not send someone a White Rose Residential Clean and give them time to do other things? Call us on 0845 833 9188 and let us know what you require:

Half Day Spring Clean

2 cleaners working for 4 hours

Full Day Spring Clean

2 cleaners working for 8 hours

Customised Spring Clean

2 or more cleaners working for an agreed amount of time. Either all in one day or split.

We will then send your gift vouchers in the post with a gift card to personalise your message if you wish. The recipient simply then calls us to arrange a date. Job done!


If you want more detail on how we clean please click here or if you would like a quote for any of these services please use our want a quote link.